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Lighting Maintenance, Inc - NECA Member

351 N 6th Ave, Eldridge, IA 52748

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contact person: Tom Circello or Brannon Spengler

Company Description:

Lighting Maintenance Inc. was established by Tom Circello and Brad Noel in 1988.  The goal of L.M.I. is to provide clients with the most efficient, fine quality workmanship possible.  To accomplish this goal, Journeymen electricians are provided with ongoing training, quality materials and tools, and the latest in technologically advanced equipment.  We have earned the respect of area businesses and communities through our dedication to quality.


Industrial, Commercial, Interior and Exterior Group Relamping, Parking Lot/Security Lighting Repair, Sign Maintenance, Underground Cable Fault Locating, Maintenance of Electronic Warning Siren Systems. 

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